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Mining the Latest US Census for Genealogical Data

Mining the Latest US Census for Genealogical Data Sun., Apr. 29, 2-3:30pm Researcher Stephen Szabados presents his popular program, updated and timed to the April 2nd release of the 1940 U.S. Census which will include such unique information as where people lived 5 years before, highest educational grade achieved and detailed income and occupation. Register […]

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An Unmarked Grave by Charles Todd

One of the best beginnings of a mystery (historical or otherwise) I’ve read in a long while.  I was just literally fixated for the first 100 pages.  After that, we gets a little too convoluted with less-than-necessary characters and too many plotlines that pop up and lead nowhere.  But, it is a must read for […]

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"Ghost Train to the Eastern Star" by Paul Theroux

This book is a non-fiction, travelogue about acclaimed travel writer Paul Theroux retracing the steps of his first successful travelogue “The Great Railway Bazaar”. While that book was light, eccentric, and filled with joie de vivre, this book is an entirely different animal. He views the places he visits with a kind of venom, and […]

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