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ReferenceUSA®is a powerful online source of business and residential information for reference and research. Register for free webcast training sessions at  Topics include Search Essentials: the 4 things you need to know, Uncovering the Hidden Job Market: Career Search Strategies , and Start, Manage, Grow!  How Businesses can use ReferenceUSA. Or, go to www.referenceusa-resourcecenter.comto […]

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One Moment, One Morning by Sarah Rayner

One of the better novels I have read in a while…this one makes you laugh, cry and long for your friends.  Rayner, a Brit, weaves a compelling tale filled with sudden loss, friendship, gradual loss, sexual identity and all sorts of relationships.  The main characters are the storytellers here…Karen who experiences sudden loss right at […]

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Doubleback by Libby Fischer Hellmann

From Chicago author Libby Fischer Hellmann, here’s a top-notch mystery with a strong female main character, Georgia Davis.  She’s feisty, proud, confident and able.  She’s a good PI who isn’t a “superhero” type…meaning she get afraid and is not ashamed to show it.  In Doubleback, Davis gets involved with a kidnapping/murder/financial malfeasance plot that takes […]

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