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This Week In the Wonder Ground

This week’s Big Idea: The path light travels. This week in the Wonder Ground we explored how light travels through different spaces and substances. Activity 1: We filled a fish tank with water and mixed in a small amount of skim milk to make it cloudy. Then we shined a flashlight into the narrow end […]

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DVD Review: Two Days, One Night

Does a performance make a movie?  Two Days, One Night is not, in my opinion, an excellent movie.  But, it became an excellent movie by the stunning performance by Marion Cotillard.  I remember when I saw the film Monster in the theater, I was so moved and in awe of Charlize Theron’s performance, though the […]

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This Month In The Wonder Ground: Light and Optics

The Wonder Ground is a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) lab located in KidSpace. Kids in grades K-4 can stop by between 4pm and 6pm most Tuesdays and Thursdays to explore new concepts. In December, the activities are focused on Optics. Week 1’s Big Idea: When light hits a surface, it can reflect, […]

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