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New Moon (Twilight)

What makes New Moon an excellent movie representation of the book is the careful screenwriting and editing. The action flows well with major points of the book covered.
Technical special effects of the vampire and werewolves are artistic and realistic. The photography of the lush scenery of the Northwest is breathtaking and plays a subtle second to the dialogue and action. In Twilight there were just a few too many aerial views leading one to scream I GET IT. THEY ARE IN THE WOODS!

All the actors fulfill their roles well. Taylor Lautner is a warm and charismatic Jacob and Kristin Stewart comes across as devastated Bella. Robert Pattinson continues to play Edward with cool broodiness. Stewart does a great job of playing the Jacob – Edward balancing act. The wolf pack steals the show with their abs, warmth, beautiful smiles and down to earth dialogue. There are a welcome number of humorous lines in New Moon. The scenes with Jessica, Mike, Eric and Angela are quite funny. In addition the personalities of the Cullen Family shine with good amounts of on screen time for both Alice and Carlisle.

I really wish the producers would work on better wigs, costumes, and make up for the vampires. Heavy handiness on the pale makeup for Edward and the rest of the vampires makes an unrealistic situation for these vampires who are supposed to blend in with the Forks community. Pale but not pale to the power of ten. In the novels, Meyer writes nonstop about their outstanding beauty.

New Moon is worth the money and wait.

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