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Michael Clayton

I saw this film months ago in the theater and just recently watched it again on DVD. I must say, I liked it much better the second time around. It has so much intensity that I found I missed a lot on the first showing. Now that I was able to put some of the pieces together of what I had missed, I see what an excellent film it really is. George Clooney stars as the title character, a “fixer” in a large NYC law firm, and he is in sent in to “fix” one the firm’s partners, Arthur, after he’s had a breakdown and is saying vile things about one of the firm’s largest clients, U-North. Clayton soon realizes that all of the “gibberish” Arthur was spewing might be true and after Clayton starts investigating, he finds himself in mortal danger. A strong thriller that is hard to turn away from! But, make sure you pay attention so won’t have to see it twice like me! But, then again, George Clooney is always worth a second viewing. And a third, and a fourth, and a fifth…..

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