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Directed by Steven Soderbergh

Matt Damon and Soderbergh (Oceans 11) are together again in this true life story of corporate whistleblower Mark Whitacre.

Damon has gained, oh, maybe 30 lbs. and has added a snarky moustache to play Whitacre a division President at ADM (Archer Daniels Midland). In the 90′s, ADM has been involved in an international pricefixing game, and this has upset Whitacre’s business ethics. Oh yeah, did I tell you Whitacre is bipolar and a compulsive liar.

Whitacre contacts the Feds and they can’t believe this guy would sacrifice so much to be a corporate snitch. Is he telling the truth? Tapes and wiretapping reveal ADM bigwigs indeed have been involved in a massive pricefixing scheme. But what about Whitacre?

The movie is a funny and satirical look at corporate meanderings. The two FBI agents that Whitacre confides in, played by Scott Bakula and Joel McHale, give funny and believable performances.

The two hour movie is sharp and quick-paced. You can’t believe it is a true story…..or can you?


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