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Kitchen Stories

A Norwegian and Swedish film about scientists in Sweden during the 1950s who come up with the brilliant idea (yes, that is sarcasm) to study the behavior of people in their kitchens. For the study, they have selected men who live alone…widowers, bachelors, etc. The “researchers” had special chairs to sit in to study their “subjects” kitchen habits and were not supposed to talk to their subjects under any circumstances. OK – from this you probably think this is not the movie for you. Well, it’s a slow film, I’ll grant you that, but once I got into it, which really didn’t take that long, I loved it. It’s more of a case study of men during this era – men who live in isolated, extremely rural communities in Norway. This film is about friendship and trust…and about the small things in life. Nothing much really happens here but what is on the screen is heart-warming and humorous. For people who don’t like foreign films or having to read subtitles, this is a foreign movie for you! Why? Well, there is not much dialogue so not many subtitles to read.

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