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In Memory of Tim Pigott-Smith: 1946-2017

A very accomplished British Shakespearean actor, Pigott-Smith had appeared in small roles in several major films, but the main core of his screen acting work was on television.  From Downton Abbey to Midsomer Murders….from Foyle’s War to Poirot…from Inspector Lewis to Inspector Lynley, Pigott-Smith became a very recognized face on the British telly, and eventually across the pond as well.

37 Days

Alice in Wonderland

Clash of the Titans (1981) (also on Blu-Ray)

Dead Man’s Folly (Poirot)

The First Part of King Henry the Fourth with the Life and Death of Henry Surnamed Hotspur (1979)


Gangs of New York (also on Blu-Ray)

The Great Train Robbery (2013)

I Remember Nelson

The Jewel in the Crown

Jupiter Ascending (also on Blu-Ray)

Measure for Measure (1979)

North & South (1975)

Quantum of Solace (also on Blu-Ray)

The Remains of the Day

V for Vendetta

Wodehouse in Exile

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