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How Would You Survive?

You’ve been selected for the 74th annual Hunger Games…

Describe in 500 words or less how you would survive the Games for a chance to win lunch in New York with author Suzanne Collins.

Enter the Contest at Scholastic’s website.

100 runners up will receive a copy of the sequel, Catching Fire.

Not familiar with The Hunger Games?  Check it out!

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2 Responses to How Would You Survive?

  1. Chris Moore April 29, 2009 at 10:29 pm #

    First I would survive by finding a pack for what I need most, sleeping bag, maybe a knife and hopefully get my hands on a weapon, to help me get small game kills. I am a hunter so I do know a little about survival and I am smart but not book smart. Nature, to me is my friend and I try to live with her rather than destroy her to get my way, if she wants me dead, I got no say in the madder. The environment would be my ally and I would walk with her to get me to victory if she wants me to be the victor. If I had to kill I would kill loners and not groups, not worth the risk. My strength in the arena is my size and strength. My true advantage is a compound bow and anyone against me would have a higher chance of losing. In the state of Wyoming I have place Shooter of the Year two years in a row. I would try my best to get to the finally three but that’s maybe as far as I could go. I’m also not the guy who would rather tough it out than take a pill to make my problems disappear. Making a mistake and I my life would end right there, all I would say is “I tried and failed, but I did what my body allowed.” I would stay alone so in the end I would not face the same situation as Peeta. I don’t know if I would win in the end but everything decided on chance, people chosen, their skills, decisions they make all play on the winner of The Hunger Games.

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