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Here’s an interesting news story:
Massachusetts Pastor Orders Harry Potter Books Removed From Catholic School
What do you think?  How many of you have checked out Harry Potter books from your school library?  What would you do if the school took them away?

Hermione, Ron, & Harry

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Hi! My main hangout in the Library is the Teen Underground, but you'll find me wandering all over the building. Originally from Northeast Iowa, I've lived in the Chicago area long enough that people don't tell me I sound like a character from "Fargo" anymore. I geek out on ginger ale and black licorice, Pottermore sorted me into Slytherin, and if I were a dog I'd be a shiba inu.

27 Responses to “Harry Potter leads to Satan?”

  1. Faerin

    I think it would be insane! Articles writeen and posted on the internet are easily discredited. It’s the dumbest thing on earth.

  2. Poppy Persil

    Harry Potter books have a lot of good things in them for teens who are forming ideas about the world around, about their relationships, and themselves. They’re magical in more ways than one. I’d miss them. I haven’t checked them out of my school library, but my friends have. They couldn’t put them down. So, I guess they really speak to young people.

  3. Henry

    Harry potter is about good triumphing over evil, not worshipping Satan.

    Don’t forget that the pastor taking away the books represent the same organization that burned people alive for not blindly following church doctrine 400 years ago. Something to think about…

  4. Caitie

    I AM SO pissed!!!! I go to a cathlic chuurch-they only say do not read or warch “golden compass”!
    I am IN lOVVVVVVVVE W/ HP 1-7 and i am not santonic!!! THa pastor make me MAD!

  5. Jean

    The Catholic Church doesn’t say the H P Books are bad: thee were articles out a couple years ago where a Vatican rep said they are good because they show Harry, etc fighting against evil. (Not choosing the easy paths, but the right ones.)

    This one minister does not speak for the Catholic Church.

  6. KMD

    The Catholic church gave us the ‘inquisition’ and repression without end and would still do so today if it could get away with it.
    Church tolerance only begins where its authority ends.

  7. Briana

    i would scream really just scream,
    i love harry potter and i don’t care if my school banned them cause i have all the books and i will read if they like it or not

  8. haziq

    Kenapa tak ada lagi harry potter sebab cerita dia menarik sangat boleh buat buku Harry Potter And The Half blood prints. saya nak buku sahaja tak payah movie atau vcd dia

  9. vaishu

    i don’t find enough words to say how good is harry potter and how much i luv it but still.. its the best i’ve ever read! i luv harry potter a lot. i reli wish tat it would be true……….. THANKS JK!..

  10. Elisha

    I love the HP books…ive reread them many times lol. I just don’t see why someone would want to ban them…because it is about good overcoming evil…I just don’t understand. And it’s just a story! It isn’t real! I’m not saying riot against your school if they take out the books, but maybe start a petition or something. Harry Potter is a great read. I love them!

  11. XharrypotterX

    I love harry potter and I have all the books at home anyway so if my friends wanted to borrow them then they could. Anyway hardly anyone I know reads them and just watches the movies!!! How lazy!!! Xxx

  12. vani&shraddha

    hi!daniel,emma & ron. danniel you are a amazing character.emma you are very cuteeeeeeee.ron you are very sweet.we r big fans of you three.

  13. lia_ana

    i’m a big fan of hp and i don’t care if i’ve been borrowing those books from my school library and surely scream if they took it away.but still, there are hundreds of libraries in thus state isn’t it???? i’ll just go and find one!!!

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