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Eternal Sunshine for the Spotless Mind

If you just let your inhibitions go…feel them float out of your body…watch them disappear…then and only then can you watch this film. The stipulation to this rule is if you are already a Charlie Kaufman (the screenwriter of Adaptation fame), you might be able to watch this and hang on to your inhibitions. But, fans of Jim Carrey be warned…this is NOTa typical Carrey film. Even the more “serious” films the actor has done (The Truman Show, The Majestic) are no comparison to the level of seriousness and un-Carrey like behavior of this film. With all of that said, if you still want to see this one, read on. Eternal Sunshine is a hard movie to write about since I still really don’t know what it’s about or what it meant. It’s a film that brings to life a person’s imagination, intellect, and emotions and captures their essences on the screen. To pigeonhole this film and call it bizarre or weird does not give it enough justice. Though, it is remarkably bizarre and unquestionably weird, it’s also thought-provoking, sensitive, smart, and extremely innovative. One has become to expect these oddities from screenwriter Kaufman. But, unlike Adaptation’s more conventional theme and storyline, Eternal Sunshine defies all conventions…actually more like blows them away. If you are in the mood for something avant-garde yet you’re not quite ready for the French New Wave, watch this one.

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