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Elbert’s Top 5 Underrated Shows: Part 1


In early December, one of my favorite shows aired its last ever episode that undoubtedly left an impression and a small hole in my heart.

Not to get all melodramatic, but there are certain shows no matter how trivial or ridiculous in its premise, will transport you to a whole different world. Which brings me to this five part blog series on shows that are must watch, that you may have missed, and that are sorely underrated (say that with a mouthful). Hopefully by the end, you will hopefully rush to the shelves or place a hold, some of which are available at the Niles Library. So let’s get started starting with the Number 5 show (available as an interlibrary loan): Veronica Mars

This series centers on a smart and spunky teenager who moonlights as a private detective under the guidance of her detective father. This neo-noir mystery series was underappreciated when it aired on national television nearly a decade ago. However, this show will soon gain the eyes of old and new viewers alike in the form of a feature length film being released in March due in part to the crowdfunding company, Kickstarter (which I contributed to).

Why should you watch this show?

First and foremost, the series features a strong heroine, played magnificently with a mixture of moxie, smarts, and humor by Kristen Bell! Each of the characters grow and we are immersed in their journey from high school to college. Despite its teen centered characters, don’t assume it’s just another teen show. These characters act like actual teenagers with problems that teens and adults face.

Secondly, it has an intriguing overarching mystery in each of its three seasons, which does not get solved till the end of the season. However, in between, the titular character solves close-ended mysteries from petty thefts to kidnappings while little bits and pieces of clues are sprinkled throughout that add to the central mystery.

Lastly, it’s an entertaining show that will leave you hanging and wanting more. Luckily, you don’t have to wait a week for the next new episode with the DVD set.

Till next time, stay tuned for Part 2…

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