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Elbert’s Top 5 Underrated Shows: Part 4


If you have followed this blog series up to this point, then you have probably wondered what that one show was that was canceled in December. It’s time for the reveal…And that 2nd spot belongs to NIKITA!

This sleek and action-packed thriller had it all: Attractive characters, engaging plots (including the subplots), a well thought out and densely plotted seasonal arcs, and lastly, the action itself.

THE CHARACTERS: The irresistible Maggie Q stars as the titular character; a rogue government operative/assassin whose sole mission is to bring down the very agency that trained her-the ruthless, sinister, secret government-sanctioned organization known as Division. The head of the organization, Percy, played with sinister devilishness by Xander Berkeley, ordered a mission which eventually sets off Nikita’s vengeance spree and drive her decisions throughout the entire series. Along her journey, Nikita gains various allies in her fight, including a mole that she specifically planted within Division itself. Because of the secretive nature of the show and to avoid any spoilers, you will have to watch the show to find out. Based on the 1997 series La Femme Nikita, this updated series borrows many of the characters, but given a slightly different makeover. Characters such as Nikita’s mentor, Michael, played by Shane West, and the manipulative interrogator, Amanda, played with subtle intensity by Melinda Clarke. You end up caring about all of them as they are fully realized, three dimensional characters with tragic backgrounds.

THE PLOT: Each season ends on a cliffhanger that will undoubtedly leave you clamoring for more. The show is structured with episodic missions of the week, however, each episode contains pivotal information that lead to the bigger picture. The writing was well structured and the dialogue sings with a mixture of smarts and realism. The twists and turns are intense and suspenseful that by the end of each season you are never sure if the characters will make it out alive or what is going to happen next. And the show does top itself in terms of surprising viewers.

THE ACTION: All the stunts in this show are well choreographed with a kinetic energy that pops. It involves a combination of martial arts and gun play. And the main star does it well, which lends to the credibility and authenticity.

For a smart, suspenseful, action thriller, I highly recommend picking up the three seasons available at the Niles Library!

Tune in to my final blog in this series as I reveal my number 1 show!

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