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Elbert’s Top 5 Underrated Shows: Part 2

Moving onto the 4th spot on the list…FRINGE.

While the series may have been popular amongst fans, Fringe did not garner enough viewers to warrant another season past its fifth and final one. Hence it is regarded as a “cult” series. Which basically means that there’s a large enough fan base that the show has spread beyond the medium which it was intended for.

The basic premise of the show involves members of the FBI “Fringe Division”: FBI Special Agent Olivia Dunham, Peter Bishop, son of Walter Bishop, an unhinged scientist whose condition will be explained during the course of the first season, and his assistant Agent Astrid Farnsworth investigating cases such as genetic mutation, psychokinesis, and parallel universes, which are known as “fringe science”. Although the series bears similarities to a certain popular FOX show from the 90’s, it differs in that the strange occurrences and unknown events are possibly rooted in actual science, primarily in the field of genetics and physics. However, these theories are not accepted as mainstream science and are outside the norm of what is considered science.

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Although the beginning of the series mainly focused on standalone or “cases of the week”, it eventually evolved into a serialized series as its mythology came into play. And events that occurred in the first season actually came into play in later seasons, which proved that the series knew where it was going. The mythology, like the X-Files, was deft and complex; however, it’s easy enough to follow despite the complex nature of the series. Each season ends on a cliffhanger, which resolves itself in the next season. And events that happen at the end of each season eventually have huge ramifications for the characters and adds to the mythology in more ways than one.

Besides the fascinating mythology and its cases of the week, the characters evolved into something more. They actually developed throughout the course of its subsequent seasons. Unlike some shows that have characters stay the same throughout the course of the season, this ensemble had chemistry and their relationship impacted what happened to them in the course of the series. If you enjoy a sci-fi, mind bending, drama series or if you missed the mysteries of the unknown that was the staple of the X-Files, then Fringe will have you on the edge of your seat and open your mind to whole new possibilities. While the truth was out there in the X-Files, in Fringe, the truth is closer than you think.

Stay tuned for Part 3!

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