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Danny Deckchair

No, it’s not going to win any Oscars but it’s a charming film that I think everything will get something out of. Danny is a frustrated bricklayer who has been bitten by the “vacation” bug and has a camping trip planned. His headstrong girlfriend has different ideas…none of which include a vacation but rather include ways to jumpstart her real estate career. After hearing that his vacation has been axed, Danny has one too many beers and comes up with a great idea…or what seems like a great idea at the time. What happens next takes the film on a predictable wild ride. Yes, predictable, but I didn’t care…somehow it all just works. I mean when Danny’s “idea” lands him in the backyard of a beautiful, single lady, I dare you guess what’s going to happen! But, the ride getting to the end is a fun one. Danny is an odd character…not only because of what he does but also because he can go from being wild and outrageous one minute to serious and introspective the next. In the beginning of the film, I kept thinking “what a fool!” but by the end of the film I had grown fond of Danny. And I guess that’s part of the film’s progression…Danny is supposed to “grow” as a man…discovering what he was missing in life and doing something to fill the void. All of this philosophy might be a little too much, since this film is much less complicated than I’m making it out to be. It’s a charming, funny love story with entertaining characters and extremely comical situations.

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