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This is a cute, fun movie that will take your mind off of your own financial problems…for 2 hours, at least. It’s not high art, but when you look at the title, if you think it might be an “art” film, slap yourself and then sit back and enjoy. Based on the books Confessions of a Shopaholic and Shopaholic Takes Manhattan by Brit author Sophie Kinsella, the movie, like the books, feature an excitable, screwball female named Becky Bloomwood who lives to shop and shops to live. The movie, does though, change some major points…first, in the book, Becky is a Londoner…here, Becky is a confirmed New Yorker. Secondly, the man she falls for is her boss in the movie…in the book, that is a different scenario. Do these changes alter the fun of the film over the fun of the books…no. There are plenty of stores in both London and NYC! If you need a fun, entertaining pick-me-up, see this movie!


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