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Bond, James Bond

Admittedly, I do not go to the movies as much as I used to.  It’s attributed to somewhat having no time…somewhat it’s too expensive.  But, mostly it’s that there are not any “Theater Worthy” movies out there.  If I am going to spend $12 on a ticket and then $12 on concessions (I could leave this part out but what would be the fun in that), the movie better be worth it…meaning something which I have to see NOW and not just wait for the DVD…something I MUST see on the  big screen.  Finally, that something has arrived.

I have been waiting ALL YEAR for the 23rd (official) installment of the James Bond series: Skyfall.  So much so that I had midnight tickets (a first) for an IMAX theater (first time in 10+ years).  Boy, was I excited.
And Skyfall did not disappoint.  It is not the BEST Bond movie ever (even Daniel Craig’s first Bond outing as 007 in Casino Royale was slightly better) but it was extraordinarily entertaining and exceeded my high expectations.
Craig stars as the super-spy, the consummate British agent with the License to Kill and orders from Her Majesty’s government to do anything necessary to get the job done.  As in his two previous outings as Bond (should we even count Quantum of Solace?), Craig plays the MI6 agent very close to the chest.  He’s not particularly worried about being suave, as Sean Connery was.  He’s not anywhere near droll, which Roger Moore specialized in and which Pierce Brosnan also excelled in.  He’s not sex-less like Timothy Dalton.  He’s a man’s man.  He’s tough all the time, brutal when he needs to be, heartless at times, romantic at others, and sensitive when the situation calls for it (rarely, but it does happen).  There is no facade here…Craig’s Bond seems to stick to the adage: what you see if what you get.  And, after wise-cracking Moore and Brosnan, frigid Dalton and super-smooth Connery, we need a Bond who is all of those…and much more.
So, will it be two+  more long, cold, Bond-less years until I step into a theater again…desperately waiting for the 24th installment?  I hope not.  But, it will be a tall order to top this theater experience anytime soon!

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