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Black Book

Not the best WWII movie ever, but a strong film with good performances. Directed by Basic Instinct director Paul Verhoeven, I expected this one to be less serious than it turned out to be. Some of Verhoeven’s American films have been so outrageously bad (think Showgirls) that I wasn’t expecting a good film here. But, I turned out to be pleasantly surprised at the strength of this one. Basically, it is about a Jewish woman in Holland who not only has to hide from the Nazis but has to run from them as well. Also, she finds out throughout the course of the film, that she literally cannot trust anyone…even people she believed were close allies of hers and her family. If you like films set during WWII, this is a must see. Don’t expect anything as strong as The Pianist or Life is Beautiful but don’t expect Showgirls either.

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