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What Happens in London

Julia Quinn’s books always seem to have a quirky element that makes them different. And I mean that in a good way. I’m trying to decide exactly what that is. It probably is a few different factors. She writes well, she has witty dialog between her lead characters, she lets her lovers get to know […]

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Crewel World: Cozies Ain’t For Sissies

There are those that say certain kinds of mystery books are cozy. I think they categorize cozies, by having amateur sleuths, lovely little towns, and having folks getting murdered “off stage”. So what happens when you have a series that has a little Minnesota town, the main character owns a needlework/craft shop, solves mysteries on […]

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Murder in the Marais

Cara Black starts off her series with lead character Aimee Leduc in the book Murder in the Marais. What starts out as a simple and overpaid job of hunting down a encripted website, ends up becoming a case of murder. Aimee finds the body and sets in motion an investigation that goes all the way […]

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82nd Academy Awards® to Feature 10 Best Picture Nominees

It looks like there will be more Best Picture nominees come Oscar time. That will change all the Oscar contests! See the Press Release from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences below. ————————————————————————— 82nd Academy Awards® to Feature 10 Best Picture Nominees Beverly Hills, CA (June 24, 2009) — The 82nd Academy Awards, […]

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