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Author Archive | Cate Levinson

This Week in the Wonder Ground: Good Vibrations

This week’s Big Idea: Sound is vibration. This week we observed sound using our eyes and ears. We explored the connection between sound and vibration. We learned that vibration is a back and forth movement. An object’s rapid back and forth movement vibrates the air around it, and we process that moving air with our […]

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This Week in the Wonder Ground: Squishy Circuits

Last week’s Big Idea: Electrically charged objects attract or repel other objects Activity 1: We rubbed balloons against wool, scarves, and our heads, generating static electricity. We touched the static-y balloons to different materials to see how they would react to electricity. Bits of paper, thread, and yarn were attracted to balloons. Magnets and paper […]

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This Week In the Wonder Ground

This week’s Big Idea: The path light travels. This week in the Wonder Ground we explored how light travels through different spaces and substances. Activity 1: We filled a fish tank with water and mixed in a small amount of skim milk to make it cloudy. Then we shined a flashlight into the narrow end […]

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