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Movie Review: If I Stay

This movie is old by now, but it is the last significant movie that I’ve seen in a while. I’m super excited for Mockingjay, but that is besides the point. If I Stay is a tearjerker, and you cannot label it as any less. All of my family members shed at least one tear, and […]

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Dead To You By Lisa McMann

Abducted as a young boy, Ethan finally is reunited with his family. He returns to his small town with a warm welcome from his family and friends.  Ethan tries to go back to the life that he cannot remember. Cami, his old best friend that was heartbroken when he left. Gracie, the “replacement” child, that his […]

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Cinder by Marissa Meyer

This is a book based off of fairy tales, a very specific one to be exact. If you haven’t guessed yet then you haven’t seen all of the Disney movies. Cinder = Cinderella? I thought it would just be a modern twist on things like they always do now-a-days. This has a completely different twist! […]

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Audition By Stasia Kehoe

Book or Movie Title: Audition Author: Stasia Kehoe Type: Fiction Review: This is the book narrated by a newly found ballerina named Sara that\’s on a rare and very much wanted by many girls scholarship to a highly approved dancing school. The problem is that her parent are paycheck to paycheck already and she has […]

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