Niles-Maine District Library

Audiovisual DVD Lists

Ideal Destinations – Features
Ideal Destination – Nonfiction 
Get Me Outta Here: Unsavory Locations on DVD
Can We Go There, Please? Travel the World with DVDs set in Beautiful Locations Around the World

TV Shows on DVD
TV Around the World
British Sci Fi and Horror on DVD
British Mysteries on DVD
British Dramas on DVD
British Comedies on DVD

Films of the 80s and 90s
Films of the 70s
Films of the 60s
Films of the 50s
Films of the 40s
Films of the 20s and 30s

Tarzan Movies
Action Comedies
Martial Arts Action films
James Bond Movies
Films About Video Games
Movies with Chase Scenes
Cop Movies
Criminal Dramas
Soviets, The Iron Curtain Cuba, McCarthy: The Cold War on Film

Remakes on DVD
Movies Inspired by Classic Literature
Movies that Began as Graphic Novels
Movies that Began as Comics

Cultural Interest
Gays and Lesbians on DVD
African Americans on DVD

Wedding Films
The Royals on DVD 
Fantasy Films on DVD
DaVinci on DVD
9/11 on DVD

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