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7 Albums (Plus 5 Bonus Tracks) To Clear All the Holiday Music From Your Brain

Christmas is finally here, which means that another month of listening to Christmas music is finally over.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate Christmas music — I ┬áloved listening to my dad’s Alfred Burt vinyl every December while growing up. I’m also pretty sure I could whistle the entire Nutcracker Suite from beginning to end. But now I can go back to listening to my favorites, the music that has stuck with me all through the year whether waking up in the morning, driving, working, working out, relaxing on the couch or getting ready for bed at night.

One of the things I look forward to most at the end of each year is sifting through all the “best of” music lists; it’s a chance to discover all the great music that I’ve missed, and also to wonder about other people’s musical tastes. I also like to compile my own list each year. It’s based entirely on the number of plays that each song gets on my iPod, so I make no claims about it being “the best.” This is the music that I love, the music that has gotten me through an entire year of living; the music that I’ve shared with my friends to help them pull through, too. So here are some of my favorite albums and songs of 2013. Maybe there’s something here that’s new for you, something you’ll love or something that you’ll really hate. Either way, we’d love to hear about it, and about your favorites of 2013, too.

Most Played Albums (yes, there are seven because I couldn’t pick just five)

The Bones of What You Believe

Most Played Songs: “Recover”, “We Sink”

Frightened Rabbit
Pedestrian Verse

(includes adult language)
Most Played Songs: “Nitrous Gas,” “Oil Slick”

The National
Trouble Will Find Me

Most Played Songs: “Pink Rabbits,” “Don’t Swallow the Cap”

Young Galaxy

Most Played Songs: “New Summer,” “Hard To Find”

Josh Ritter
The Beast In Its Tracks

Most Played Songs: “Joy To You Baby,” “Hopeful”

Cloud Cult

Most Played Songs: “1x1x1,” “Meet Me Where You’re Going”


Most Played Songs: “Ride On / Right On,” “Song for Zula”


Most Played Songs (from albums I didn’t fall for)

“Musica ex Machina” from Off the Record by Karl Bartos

“You (Ha Ha Ha)” from True Romance by Charli XCX

(includes adult language)

“Free At Dawn” from The Limits of Desire by Small Black

“Take A Fall For Me” from Overgrown by James Blake featuring RZA

“Older Together” from Sons and Lovers by Black Light Dinner Party


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