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3D Maker Challenge – “Clank”

Hey there fellow makers! Have you been looking for something cool to 3D print? Something that’s a little more challenging?

Well here’s something to scratch that creative itch: Clank from the “Ratchet and Clank” series!

This little guy stands about 4 inches tall and is made up of 11 separate pieces, each of them needing to be glued together.

If you want to give printing this little guy out a shot, he can be found on Thingiverse by clicking here!

No 3D Printer? No Problem!
Let us print it for you, and you can put it together. Submit a print here.

Some tips:

  • It works best to print each piece individually instead of the full model file.
  • Model glue is the best option for assembly because it is stronger and doesn’t cool down as fast.
  • Most of limbs fit the body perfectly, but you may run into issues with the legs and the torso. Filing down some edges will achieve a perfect fit, preferably with a metal or nail file.

Go one step further!
Try applying a paint job to Clank! The benefit of printing in white is that you can paint over it. If you’re interested in showing off some of your artistic skill, the creator has a video showing how he painted and created Clank – check it out here.

Share your creation with us!
We’d love to see how your print of Clank turned out, so share it with us on either Twitter or Instagram!

Happy printing!


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