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What’s the best book published for teens this year?  The purpose of the Printz Award is to honor that book.
But how do you choose the BEST book?  Is it your favorite book?  The one that was the most fun to read?  The one with the best writing?  How do you know if a book is well-written?

I stuggle with questions like these.  I’ve read several good books this year that I liked a lot, but there isn’t one that I can say is BETTER than the others.
How do YOU pick the best book?

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  1. Elizabeth

    I don’t know, but I’d tend to give more credit to books that try something original and ambitious. (That’s why it’s hard for me to understand what anything other than Octavian Nothing has won anything lately. :) )

    I’d also tend to consider more seriously books that reward repeat reading. A good test for me is a book that I can’t stop thinking about after I read it. Jennifer Donnelly’s Northern Light is like that, but then, so is Sarah Dessen’s The Truth About Forever, so it’s not just a highbrow thing.

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